Environment pollution

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Talk: Environment pollution Here s a list of the wide spread ways in which our environment can be polluted: First, a few different types of rubbish which are dumped on rubbish tips, burnt in incineration plants or just thrown into the next river or forest. The household waste. This is the type of rubbish which is produced by everyone of us everyday. It s all those bottles, packings and many other things that you throw away every day of your life. A good thing with this rubbish is, that it has been reduced during the last years due to recycling of glass, aluminium, paper and plastic. Another important type is rubble (the rubbish left over from building sites and roadworks). It s the rubbish with the biggest share in tons of the whole mountain of waste produced every year. Then there is the so called industrial waste, the things which are left over by all types of industry, from a small carpenter to a car-factory. The last (and worst) type of garbage is the hazardous and toxic one. It s spread from simple batteries to chemical waste produced by big companies. Atomic waste which is probably the most dangerous of all also is a part of this rubbish-sort. All this rubbish have to be stored at special disposal sites. But there isn t just the garbage which is a danger for our environment (although it would be enough if we had just this problem). There isn t just the solid waste. We have fluid, gaseous and a few very special types of waste too. water pollution The pollution of our ...

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