What are the main causes of air-, water- and soilpollution ?

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Michael Krausemann Englisch GK Klasse 11 2 18.05.99 Comment: What are the main causes of air-, water- and soilpollution ? Air-, water- and soilpollution are the great problems of the earth. Waste gas of industries, cars, domestic heating systems and by dust producing industrial plants are the main causes of the pollution. Air pollutants are particularly carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The main cause for the greenhouse effect is the high production of carbon dioxide. So the average temperature of the earth grows, what has circuitious succession. One of these succession is the change of climate. The ozone layer will be destroyed by the use of CFCs. Because of this destruction ultraviolet radiation can reach the earth. This radiation is very dangerous for humans because is can create skin-cancer. Unfortunately, today there are still fluid and solid pollutants launched into the rivers which also get into the seas. They get into the seas and rivers by pipings and transport ships. There will distribute all water. Tanker- and oil rig collusions, let off old oil and tank washing are an increasing problem of the water. On the water surface prides a film which breaks the interaction between water and atmosphere. This oil pest is very dangerous. One litre oil can contaminate one million litre ground-water. Pesticides and nitrate get into the ground-water because of the overfertilization of the grounds with plantprotection and pesticides. The human beings destructs ...

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