Steward, Maria: Out of it

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Out of it This book is written by Maureen Steward. Maureen Steward was a teacher for 20 years in Australia but also abroad. She has written over 100 books, short stories and articles. Persons Clay Webster: is the main character in the story. At the beginning he is very shy and a real loner. He is strict against drugs and alcohol because his parents especially his mother is addicted to alcohol. He goes to a private school where rich Carrie Brown sits next to him in biology. He loves her very much but he is to shy to show his feelings to her. Carrie Brown: Everybody likes her. She is very good looking, friendly and extroverted. But she has got one problem: drugs. She likes the feeling to be high and so she often smokes a joint swallows pills. She also sells drugs to people, but she doesn´t sell drugs to kids who haven´t experienced drugs yet. Kirsty: is the best friend of Carrie. She is a heavy drug user and you can say she is really addicted to drugs. She takes them everywhere, also at school. Sivesh: is Clay´s best friend. He is a very intelligent guy and advises Clay how to master his life. But Clay is in love with Carrie so he doesn´t recognise what happens to him. Sivesh is very worried about Clay. He is the only person who knows about Carrie and their drug-consumption. Reta: is Sivesh´s sister. She sometimes smokes pot to relax. Connie Webster: is Clay´s mother. She is an alcoholic but she tries to do everything for her son. She is a very curious person and asks a lot. ...

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