Hopper, Edward: Nighthawks

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hopper, Edward: Nighthawks
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Edward Hopper NIGHTHAWKS On the picture you can see a bar or a little café. It is the background of an American city in the year 1942. It is situated in the corner of a streets crossing. And the bar has a huge window which allows you to see everything that happens inside. So can also see the light shining out of the bar. This is a fact which gives us some evidence that it is night. No car is on the street, no people passing by. So it may be very late. If we take a look inside the tiny café our eyes are able to perceive four people. One of them is the barman, which is very obvious because he is standing behind the counter. And it seems that there is also a couple in the bar a man with a hat smoking a cigarette and a lady who may be his wife. The fourth person in the bar is a single man. ...

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