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Page 2 from page 1 A bizarre love story Jerry Killaski, wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge in the cold and deep water, but he was saved by Denise Vetovich, who passes first without noticing him, she later told us. He wants to write down his adress to save it for the posterity. So he asks her for a pen and a piece of paper. But Denise do not notice this and want him to turn into a coversation about politic. She wants to tell him about the importance of this theme and join him to the Sierra Club . Denise thinks that getting politically involved helps people to overcome difficult personal situations, like she has in the past. Her first boyfriend left her alone at the steps of the church. Her former husband Harley was gone with another woman, LouEllen. But what she did not know is, that this woman was Jerry s former girlfriend, what a coincidense. This talk doesn t help to turn Jerry away from commiting suicide and he still wants to jump. Denise now uses a little psychological trick. She told him how cold the water is and about the sharks in this water. So Jerry became a little bit frightened. Denise was on her destination and Jerry did not want to jump anymore. She now invites him to have a hot chocolate at her home and Jerry accepts this offer. Isn t this the beginning of a very long love story. Or what do you think? Aren` t they a nice pair of lovers. Order your own Video now. Call 0800-555-VIDEO The Free for jump bridge Last year nearly 100 people died on ...

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