Davis, Christopher: Philadelphia

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Philadelphia by Christopher Davis PHILADELPHIA by Christopher Davis Subject Andrew Beckett is a young and successful lawyer who works for a famous law-office in Philadelphia. One day he is suddenly fired by the senior partners although he is doing his job perfectly. But Andrew knows that he was fired because of his disease. Andrew has AIDS. So he tries to fight against the unfair decision. Main characters Andrew Beckett He is a successful lawyer who loses his job because of AIDS. He is a homosexual. Joe Miller He is the only lawyer who wants to help Andrew. Charles Wheeler, Bob Seidman, Kenneth Killcoyne, Walter Kenton These are the four senior partners of the firm who dismiss Andrew. Belinda Conine She is the lawyer who defends Wyant, Wheeler, Hellerman, Tetlow & Brown (this is the full name of the firm) at the court. Shelby She is Andrew`s secretary. Plot Andrew Beckett is a young and famous lawyer in a big law-office in Philadelphia. Everybody likes him but Andrew has a secret which nobody knows in the office: he has AIDS. One day the four senior partners promote him to the fifth senior partner of the firm. Andy is very surprised and happy. After his promotion he has to write a document for an important case which contains a lot of money. He saves it on his computer. The following days Andy works at home because he has some lesions on his face which are typical symptoms of AIDS. He tells Shelby, his secretary, to print the document and send it to the responsible court ...

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