Gibson, William: Neuromancer (Study Guide)

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Study Guide for William Gibson: Neuromancer (1984) Information about Gibson and his newest novel, Idoru. William Gibson`s Yardshow: his own pagesChapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter10, Chapter 11Chapter 12 Chapter 13,Chapter 14,Chapter 15,Chapter 16,Chapter 17,Chapter 18,Chapter 19,Chapter 20,Chapter 21,Chapter 22,Chapter 23Coda Introduction When Neuromancer by William Gibson was first published it created a sensation. Orperhaps it would be more precise to say that it was used to create a sensation,for Bruce Sterling and other Gibson associates declared that a new kind ofscience fiction had appeared which rendered merely ordinary SF obsolete.Informed by the amoral urban rage of the punk subculture and depicting thedeveloping human-machine interface created by the widespread use of computersand computer networks, set in the near future in decayed city landscapes likethose portrayed in the film Blade Runner it claimed to be the voice of a new generation. (Interestingly, Gibson himself has said he had finished much of what was to be his body of early cyberpunk fiction before ever seeing Blade Runner.) Eventually it wasseized on by hip postmodern academics looking to ride the wave ofthe latest trend. Dubbed cyberpunk,; the stuff was being talked abouteverywhere in SF. Of course by the time symposia were being held on the subject,writers declared cyberpunk dead, yet the stuff kept being published and itcontinues to be ...

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