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Kati.kirchtag ivnet.co.at WASHINGTON D.C. Washington D.C. symbolizes both the high ideals of the American nation, and the depths to which it can think. E.g. in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol lies on one of the most crimeridden slums in the country. In Washington history is everywhere, p.e. the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court buildings stand as majestic reminders in democratic government. And its museums cover everything from the beginnings of the world to the area of space travel. In 1790, 14 years after the Declaration of Independence, Washington was founded and it has become the permanent home of the Congress. Bevor the Congress agreed to put George Washington in charge of selecting a location for the new capitol. George Washington founded Washington and hired the well known architect Charles Pier L´Enfant to design the capitol. In 1800 when the Congress came to the new capitol, was Washington more a collection of big buildings surrounded by dirt, with large arrears of marshland. During the Civil War, Washington s southern location made it vulnerable to attack by the Confederacy. So thousands of soldiers poured in from all over the Union to defend the city. Alexander Shepherd had the city s streets paved, avenues straightened, thousands of trees planted and miles of gas pipes laid.But there was still one problem the emergence of slums in the inner city Washington s terrible social problems have carried over into this day. Blacks make up 67 of the city s ...

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