Consequences of the war

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Consequences of the war In no other time a war who leads a country into chaos and death for over 20 years caused so less interests in the western country medias. That happened because the CIA and other western security agencies controlled and manipulated the information from Angola to destroy the image of the MPLA government. It was a war East against West and nobody cares that a lot of innocent people had died because of this imperialistic actions. The following text shows the social-politic aspects of the war in Angola. After the Portuguese military has overtaken control in Lissabon by a putsch, at the 25. April 1974 the decolonisationwar in Angola stopped and Angola became an independent country. Three political parties were born. The MPLA, the UNITA and the FNLA. But the FNLA disappeared because of the inability of their leader. The UNITA was supported by South Africa and the USA and the MPLA by the USSR and Cuba. But nether the MPLA or the UNITA could win a war and so the UNITA started to destroy the country and to attack the people who live on the country. After some years the agricultural farming has been totally destroyed and millions of fled from the country to the cities. Angola s economy should have been ruined by the rebels. 300000 people have been killed in the war but a lot more died because they had no food. 20 percent of the babies died and 37 percent of the children between 1 and 5 did so to. 827000 were displaced and 300000 escaped into Samibia and Zaire. ...

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