Vietnam War

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Vietnam War I. The important dates 1954 55: Declaration of Independence of Vietnam, as well as the splitting in North- and South-Vietnam : Civil War between N&S began : official interrupt of the USA : official armistice between the participates : capitulation of the South : establishment of the socialistic republic of Vietnam (SRV) II. Progress of war and casus belli 1959: - the North wanted to overthrow the government of the South - the USA supported the South with weapons and military strategies 1964: - the US government was frightened of the expansion of the communism - at first only bombardments, then troops were put into action in 1965 1973: - armistice, but the fights went on between N&S 1975: - totally terminating of fighting actions III. Consequences 2,5 Mio. were killed 112 Mill. Dollar expense for the USA deformities and many cripple in the vietnamese population no attainment of the objects In 1954, in the Geneva Indochina peace conference, Vietnam was declared independent. A year later in 1955 Vietnam was divided into North V., which was assisted by the communist party Vietminh(Vietcong), under the leading of Ho Chi Minh, and South V. , which was supported by the USA. In 1959 the civil war between N&S V. began. The reason for it was an attempt of the North to overthrow the southern government. Since this time the US aided the South with weapons and strategy. Five war- years later the US Army went actively into action. The reason for their decision was their fear ...

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