Education in the United states

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Education in the United states More than 80 of schools are free, public schools The rest are private schools, mostly run by religious or private groups American education comprises three levels: elementary education, there are about 79000 Schools in the USA secondary education, there are about 29000 High Schools higher education, there are about 3000 colleges, universities, and community or junior colleges in the country . ELEMENTARY EDUCATION is intended for children from the ages of 6 to 12 or 14. These are usually public schools. In the USA there are about 79000 elementary schools. SECONDARY EDUCATION comprises either 4 years or 6 years. The six-year High School is divided up into a Junior and a Senior High School. The American High School offers educational facilities for all children aged 12 14-17 There are about 29000 High schools in the country . HIGHER EDUCATION The post-secondary education system in America is complex, as many different types of programmes are offered by the more than 3000 colleges and universities. Current Issues of American Education American education is be set by many problems. The most important concerns are Equal opportunities for all Racial issues Bilingual education Student achievement and curricula reforms School prayer Run-down school buildings Shortage of teachers ...

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