Education in Britain and the United States

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EDUCATION IN BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES EDUCATION IN BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES Education in Britain British education is characterized by a lack of unity. It provides two separate school systems: state maintained schools private fee-charging schools State Education About 94 of British schoolchildren attend publicly financed state schools. Compulsory schooling is divided up into: primary education secondary education PRIMARY EDUCATION consists of a two-year Infant School and a four-year Junior School. SECONDARY EDUCATION comprises the years 11 to 16, but may also lead up to the age of 18. About 95 of all British children attending state schools go to Comprehensive Schools (corresponds to the German Gesamtschule . They are attended by children of all abilities and provide all types of secondary education. Ideally, they are non-selective and are attended by all children in a district. About 5 of schoolchildren attending state schools are selected at the age of 11, according to their total school performance, and move on into three types of selective secondary schools: 1. Grammar Schools 2. Secondary Modern Schools 3. Technical Schools At the age of 11 schoolchildren had to take the Eleven Plus exam at the end of primary education. After strong criticism of ist fallibility the 11 was abandoned in most areas. At the age of 16( after 5 years of secondary education) - Ordinary level of the General Certificate of Education was subject examination with no compulsory subjects, ...

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