Emecheta, Buchi: The Joys of Motherhood

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Buchi Emecheta: The Joys of Motherhood (1979) Buchi Emecheta emigrated from Nigeria to London with her young husband, only to find herself ultimately alone, raising children in a hostile and poverty-ridden climate. Through hard work and study she became an influential writer focusing on the roles of women in both the traditional and emigrant societies. Her portrait of Ibo culture is a very different one from China Achebe`s; but we must bear in mind not only that she is writing as a woman, but that her novel is set long after Things Fall Apart, when traditional structures have begun to malfunction seriously under the impact of urbanization. Because she shares many western feminist concerns, she has been embraced by many feminist writers, but she herself does not identify entirely with western feminism. Many male writers in Africa have rejected her as a hostile emigrant contaminated by European views. See if you can discover what her analysis of women`s roles is about from her own point of view. Chapter 1 The Hausa are the most important group of Muslims in Nigeria, living mostly in the north, and outsiders here in Lagos. How does Emecheta use the concept of chi (personal spirit) differently from Achebe?Chapter 2 What kind of women does Nwokocha Agbadi prefer? What are Ona`s attitudes toward men? Agbadi`s attitude toward her? Compare how Emecheta has described polygamy so far as compared with the way Achebe described it. Note the treatment of slavery and human sacrifice in ...

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