Bolt, Robert: The Mission

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The Mission by Robert Bolt Robert Bolt was born in 1924. He was teacher until his first novel Flowering Cherry, which was successfull came out. His greatest success was A man for all Seasons. In 1961 he began the work with David Lean on Lawrence of Arabia. Their films together included the award winning Doc Zhivago and Ryan´s Daughter. 1977 appeared his film State of Revolution After a long period of illness he began to work for the screen in 1984.The resulting film was the Bounty. Then he began to work at his latest work with Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons:The Mission The Mission plays in Paraguay. It is placed in the 18th century in Asuncion Before I begin with the story, I want to introduce you to some important people: Rodrigo Mendoza He is the maincharacter of the story He was born in 1710 in Cádiz. His mother died when he was four, and his father, in 1924 when Rodrigo was fourteen His father died in 1924, when Rodrigo was fourteen. He has to keep his brother, a challenge for a fourteen year old boy. That forms his character. He get´s rough and ready for every challenge which would come. Felipe Mendoza He is the brother of Rodrigo. Felipe has a good character and is well educated. Carlotta The daughter of Don Cabeza who is an unscrupulous slave trader. This trade made him great and influential. Father Gabriel Superior of the Mission San Miguel. born in Ireland. When he was eighteen he started a riot and killed a person, was arrested and then they let him free with the ...

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