Love Poems by Modern Women (Study Guide)

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Study Guide for Love Poems by Modern Women Source: Wendy Mulford, ed.: Love Poems by Women. New York: Fawcett, 1991. There are many passages in these poems that I don`t claim to understand completely; but try to discern the feelings and patterns they contain even if you can`t explain every line. The best way to appreciate most poetry is to read it aloud. Try it. Sonja Akesson: From What Does Your Color Red Look Like? p. 9, notes on p. 245. The poet begins by proclaiming that there many meanings to the word love; but instead of enumerating them, she asks whether what she feels now is love at all. Why do you think she does this? What similarities are there among the images used in the lines from There is a flush . . . to in the dry heat? What seems to be the main theme of this poem? Black crepe is a kind of cloth which was traditionally used to symbolize mourning. The description at the end of the poem sounds rather repulsive. Can you see any ambiguity in the attitude of the poet toward you? Nuala Ni Dhomnaill: Labysheedy, p. 19, notes on p. 250. The title is a place name in Ireland. The Shannon in an Irish river. The repetition of the first verse as a refrain at the end of the poem suggests a song. What time of day is being described? Why are the trees described as they are? How is the image repeated later? What image is taken directly from the Song of Songs? Of which sex is the you in this poem? How can you tell? Marina Tsvetaeva: You Loved Me, p. 31, notes on p. 267. How ...

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