Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

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William Golding Lord of the Flies 1., Novel William Golding Lord of the Flies 2., Author William Golding He was born in 1911 in Cornwall, England. He studied literature at Oxford; later earning his money as a schoolmaster; joined the Royal Navy in World War II, saw active duty through out the war and ended as a lieutnant. 1954: Lord of the Flies, his first novel was published, but did not become a bestseller until 1959 when published in paperback. The novel is devided into twelve chapters. 3., summary A plane carrying a group of British schoolboys of between 6 and 12 years old is shot down in a war and crashes on an uninhabited tropical island. One of the oldest, Ralph, the son of a Naval officer, is at first delighted at the freedom and absence of grown-ups. A short sighted, asthmatic fat boy, nicknamed Piggy, is more realistic and intelligent and urges him to find the others and organize something. Ralph finds a couch-shell and Piggy shows him how to blow it. One by one the boys appear. A group of boys in choirboys´uniforms marches up. Their leader is Jack. Ralph is elected chief, Jack is to be in charge of the choir, they are to be the hunters. The shell becomes a sign of one who has to speak something. At the beginning there is civilization, but already the second chapter shows the intention of Jack ( Fire on the mountain) - Ralph jells jack that his hunters must keep up the fire but Jack is only interested in trying to kill a pig and so they let it go out. - At that ...

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