The systems of law in England and Germany

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The systems of law in England and Germany English law The history of the English law did not go in one straight line, just as much as England was invaded over the centuries, the system of law received many changes. The Common Law as it is known today was built up in Plantagenet times by the professional lawyers of the kings courts, but in Anglo - Saxon times there was no such body of men and no body of case law for the whole nation. 1 Certain written laws were sometimes issued by the king with the help of his bishops, perhaps for the general guidance of all courts. 2 But it is sure, that all the courts had own laws which developed in their region based on the local custom as well. After the Danes had invaded England law received changes again, the word law itself is Danish; the Scandinavians had no professional lawyers, but many of their farmer - warriors were learned in folk custom and its practical procedure. 3 The Danes maybe made the ground for a jury system in England as they introduced the habit of making committees among the freeman in the court. The concept of justice in the Anglo - Danish period consists out of of three different concepts first the old idea, common to Saxon and Scandinavian was the compensation for a crime, to be paid to the injured party or his family to prevent a feud, the new doctrine of the church that crimes also had the aspect of sin or moral wrong. And thirdly the special Scandinavian view that certain acts were dishonourable, to be punished ...

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