Der Burenkrieg

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nur als leitfaden, um das Referat auszubauen...Der Burenkrieg As a result of the British plans to build a railway all the way through Africa they had to take possession of the Transvaal, a country where farmers predominantly from the Netherlands had settled and had founded their own independent state. This list contains the most important and most useful facts. End of September 1899 : mobilization of the Boers, humble farmers prepare themselves for a fight whose duration could not be imagined. They set up a force led - unlike in the British army - not by those with the highest rank but by those with the profoundest experience and skills. Very often they could not be distinguished from their fellow soldiers. October 1899 the British sailed out with a strong feeling of supremacy and the undoubtable idea they would be home for christmas but had to realize the Boers were a lot more capable in using horse and gun. End of October 1899 until end of January 1900 numerous struggles took place. January 23 1900 a hill called Spion Kop (spy head) which had been taken possession of by the British was retaken by the Boers, a severe setback for the British army and the moral of its troops. May 31 1900 Johannesburg and June 05 1900 Pretoria (the capital of the Transvaal) were occupied by the British, but this did by no means indicate the end of the war, but led to an even more continuous resistance among the Boers. Autumn 1900 a guerilla war was commenced by the Boers and the British had ...

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