Nietzsche, Friedrich: Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Study Guide)

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Study Guide for Nietzsche`s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Book One The Nietzsche Page (Great resources for the study of Nietzsche) Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most influential philosophers of the nineteenth century;but he was not influential in the nineteenth century. Forvarious reasons which we will discuss in class, his works have had their majorimpact in the twentieth century, and that impact has been astonishinglywidespread and varied. His choice of poetic prose rather than rigorousdialectic has sometimes caused him to be called no philosopher at all; yet his literary style has attracted readers who would not have been drawn to a Kant ora Hegel. Because he does not use traditional formal logic, there are no simpleways to understand his writings. A grasp of his message can only be achieved bya gradual process of gathering in his major attitudes and themes and inferringthe meaning of any single passage in the context of his work as a whole. WalterKaufmann, Nietzsche`s American translator and best explicator, provides on pages3-22 a set of helpful translator`s notes which you should read; but thefollowing questions and comments are meant to step you through the assignedportions of the work in more detail and to stimulate your thinking about it. Some of the questions are open-ended prompts to think about the issuesinvolved, to prepare you for class discussion. There are certain central concepts that it is essential to keep in mind aboutNietzsche`s philosophy. He takes it ...

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