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Wire Pirates Someday the Internet may become an information superhighway, but right now it is more like a 19th-century railroad that passes through the badlands of the Old West. As waves of new settlers flock to cyberspace in search for free information or commercial opportunity, they make easy marks for sharpers who play a keyboard as deftly as Billy the Kid ever drew a six-gun. It is difficult even for those who ply it every day to appreciate how much the Internet depends on collegial trust and mutual forbearance. The 30,000 interconnected computer networks and 2.5 million or more attached computers that make up the system swap gigabytes of information based on nothing more than a digital handshake with a stranger. Electronic impersonators can commit slander or solicit criminal acts in someone else´s name; they can even masquerade as a trusted colleague to convince someone to reveal sensitive personal or business information. It´s like the Wild West, says Donn B. Parker of SRI: No laws, rapid growth and enterprise - it´s shoot first or be killed. To understand how the Internet, on which so many base their hopes for education, profit and international competitiveness, came to this pass, it can be instructive to look at the security record of other parts of the international communications infrastructure. The first, biggest error that designers seem to repeat is adoption of the security through obscurity strategy. Time and again, attempts to keep a system safe by keeping ...

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