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Microsoft: Windows 95 For years, millions of people world-wide have relied on MS-DOS and Windows operating systems to help them work better and accomplish more. Now and for years to come, people will go even farther with the next-generation successor to these systems - Microsoft Windows 95. With the Windows 95 operating system, the things users do now are easier and faster. The things they have always wanted to try, from electronic mail to Internet connections, are now possible for everybody. And Windows 95 makes computers more friendly and accessible to the mainstream user. What is Windows 95? Windows 95 is the official product name of the next major version of Microsoft Windows. It provides a system that is easier, faster and more powerful to use, and which maintains compatibility with the Windows- and MS-DOS operating system-based applications and hardware peripherals in which customers have invested. Ease of use is improved through a more intuitive user interface. With the introduction of the Windows 95 operating system, the engine of Microsoft Windows is being revamped to improve performance and provide smooth multitasking. Windows 95 is a complete, integrated operating system that does not require MS-DOS, although it can run MS-DOS-based applications. Windows 95 is equipped with a great amount of wizards to assist the user with common tasks, and a more powerful help system. The performance of Windows 95 meets or exceeds the performance of Windows 3.1. Why Windows 95? ...

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