Weldon, Fay: Weekend

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English Homework on the 24th of October, 1997 Weekend Bookreport Main characters: Martha, a 38 years old woman, who has 3 children called, Jasper, Jolyon and Jenny. Martha has to do a lot of work every day and so she is always very tried. Martin, who is the husband of Martha, he likes to have all things perfect and fresh. He doesn t eat frozen meal and he has got a nice secretary, who is a slim lady. He likes slim ladies very much. Colin, who is one of Martin s friends and his new wife Katie, who is very attractive and female. Setting time: The story Weekend takes place in Great Britain, London and somewhere in the country next to Stonehenge. In our time. Plot:Every Friday evening Martin, Martha and the children drive to their cottage. They usually invite friends to come to the cottage for a weekend. During the week Martha is very busy doing the housework and the shopping and taking care of the children. Martin has got a little sports car for London, but it s too small for family and so they have to use Martha s old car, because it s much bigger than Martin s. Martha can t drive with the car, because she lost her driving license for drunken driving. Usually, she doesn t drink a lot, but on they had birthday dinner and she drunk to much. Martin drives their car to the cottage, it isn t a long trip, only two hours from London, but they need an hour more to drive back on Sundays. There they unpack their car. Martin makes the fire, while Martha prepares the meal. After supper ...

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