Rhue, Morton: The Wave - a classroom out of control

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THE WAVE Book Info: Title: The Wave - a classroom out of control Author: Morton Rhue Main Characters: Ben Ross (history teacher) Laurie Sanders (best pupil in her class) David Collins (Laurie´s boyfriend) Amy Smith (best friend of Laurie) Summary: The class saw a film about the Nazi Regime. They can´t believe why people didn´t do anything against the Nazis. Ross can´t give an answer to the questions. It must be something one could only understand by being there or if possible by creating a similar situation. In the nest history lesson Ross wrote on the blackboard: Strength through Discipline . This was the first part of his experiment. When he is talking about discipline he is talking about power and success. From that point the students became more interested. First they have to take a better sitting position and they have to wander through the classroom and sit down as fast as they can. At the beginning there was chatting and a big mess. For the next twenty minutes the class practised, then they did it in half the time. Ross told them three rules: everybody must have pencils and notepapers for notetaking; asking or answering a question you must stand at the side of your seat; the firs words you say asking or answering a question are Mr. Ross . On the next day the students are already sitting on their seats in their posture. Ross added to the words Strength through Discipline the word community. Their mottos were Strength through Discipline and Strength through Community . ...

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