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WASHINGTON, D. C. general facts - Washington is not a state and not in a state -- independent federal district - the population is about 630,000 (metropolitan area about 31 2 million) - 3 4 of the population is non-white - since 1964 the people living in Washington have the right to vote for the president - was planned as a capital -- the streets are organised in a special pattern; the National Mall is in the centre of the town, other buildings are arranged around it - the layout of the city reflects also the system of government (White House is connected to the Capitol, where Congress meets, and to the Supreme Court) - the names of the streets are given in a special way, too (the horizontal streets are named with letters; the vertical ones with numbers) - few factories, most of the people work in offices - government is the largest employer in the city (345,000 people) - more than 600 parks; Washington has a larger variety of trees than any other city - no skyscrapers because there is a rule, that no building should be higher than 40 metres; this rule ensures that the Capitol and the monuments can be seen from anywhere in Washington Close Up Foundation - founded in 1970 - aims are to learn something about the political system and about Washington - people should be involved in all that happens around them - the people learn what it means to live in a democracy - students and teacher from all parts of the country are participants - in one year there are 27,000 participants ...

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