Lear, King: What s happening

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Discuss the dramatic importance of the Fool in `King Lear` The Fool is by no means a major character in the play, and yet he has an impact far beyond his status. He only appears in the fourth scene, and exits never to return in Act 3, Sc. vi - some say that the parts of Cordelia and the Fool were played by the same actor. Despite this relatively short `life-span` Shakespeare uses the character to make prophesies, represent reality and be the catalyst for Lear`s soliloquies in Act 3. The Fool`s first words, spoken to Kent at Albany`s Palace in Act 1, Sc. iv instantly establish him as a self-confident, quick-witted character, as he implies to Kent that those who follow Lear are fools. This remarkably frank speech shows the Fool`s ability to make incisive comments under a thin veil of humour. He tells Kent that `this fellow` (i.e. Lear) has inadvertently `banished` Goneril and Regan by giving them lands, and `blessed` Cordelia by sending her away. Even at this stage, he predicts the chaos that will befall the Kingdom as a result of Lear`s division. Perhaps the Fool`s `thin veil of humour` is too transparent at this point, as Lear threatens him with the whip. The Fool`s determination is also shown at this point, as he tells the King quite openly that the truth must be told, further angering his master. Feeling the situation becoming dangerous, the Fool swiftly changes tack: Sirrah, I`ll teach thee a speech Even this `speech` has hidden meanings: suggesting to Lear that modest, ...

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