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Killing Mr. Griffin Figures: Griffin: He is a strict English teacher he never praises his students because he is very Tough. He wants the pupils to work hard. His age is about 40 years, exactly 41. His wife, Katy Griffin is going to get a baby. David: He is the president of the Senior Class, very handsome, isn t really interested in Susan, but asks her for help for their plan; lives in a house with his grandmother and his mother. Dave s mum works the whole day and he looks like her mother. His father went away when he was a child Jeff: He is the boyfriend of Betsy. He loves playing basketball. Betsy: She is an always laughing girl with a snapped nose, pussycat face and sportive cheerleader legs. She isn t really attractive, but all boys like her. Mark: He is nearly 18 years old. Mark lives at his aunts and uncles house. His dad died when he was 13. Susan: She is not attractive with a freckled face, glasses, is a loner and loves David. Her biggest wish is that she can join the clique of Betsy, Mark, Jeff and David. Story: Nobody in class likes Mr. Griffin he is a tough English teacher, who never praise his students. He wants them to work hard, because he had been a University Professor. So Jeff says one day: That s Griffin s the sort of guy you would like to kill So Mark works out a plan. They want bring Mr. G. up to the mountains where nobody cant find him. They want to make him crawling and begging. Betsy has to work out alibis for all the members. Jeff, David, Mark and ...

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