Buck, Pearl S.: The Good Earth

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Marcus Meisel, 7C T H E G O O D E A R T H by Pearl S.Buck Author: The Good Earth was written by Pearl S. Buck, who was born in the United States of America, but since her early age she lived in China the most time of her life and also felt to be one of the Chinese. In 1938 Pearl S. Buck was given the Nobel Price in Literature for The Good Earth. Published: The book was published by Longman. It was first published in 1931. Type of book: It is a novel and the plot is not a thriller, nor a biography but a social chronicle. There exist two versions of The Good Earth, the original and the simplified. The simplified in the English Series is for learners because if they try to read the book in its original form, they have to turn frequently to the dictionary and so the reading fluency loses much of the pleasure that it ought to give. Subject: In an almost pastoral style The Good Earth describes the cycle of birth, marriage and death in a Chinese peasant family. It is the absorbing story of Wang Lung´s life until it is time for him to be claimed by the good earth. The setting of the story is located in northern China in the early 20th century. The most important persons are: ) Wang Lung: he is a Chinese farmer )O-Lan: was bought by Wang Lung as a slave woman,because he wanted to get married. So she is Wang Lung´s wife. )Lotus: his concubine )Cuckoo: a servant and slave )Nung En: Wang Lung´s oldest son )Nung Wen: Wang Lung´s second son. )The Fool: Wang Lung´s first daughter Plot ...

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