Shelly, Mary W.: Frankenstein

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Shelly, Mary W.: Frankenstein
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Frankenstein Letter 1 R. Walton writes to his sister about his expedition in Russia. He`s going to Archangel from where he`ll hire a boat and some whale catchers. He doesn`t regret himself beginning this whole thing six years ago. Letter 2 Walton complains that he hasn`t got a friend, and he`d like one. He then writes about a Lieutnant he hired; he`s a gentleman. Walton promisses to his sister that he won`t do any BS and he hopes that they`ll soon met themselfs again. Letter 3 He`s OK, everything goes fine. Letter 4 They`re on the boat heading the northpole. They see a stranger far away on a sledge (on the ice). On the next day they pick up somebody else on a sledge who obviously is after the person they saw the night before. He is very quiet. - Walton talks to the stranger how he wants to know more about the basis of life; the stranger has strong emotions, because he had the same disease. He is, how he says, broken and can`t start life from the beginning. The stranger promisses him to tell him everything about him the next day, because he wants to prevent him from doing the same mistake as he had done. The chapters 1-23 and the first part of chapter 24 are what the stranger tells to Walton Chapter 1 The stranger is called Victor. He speaks about his family: his father married himself rather late. His wife was the daugther of a friend who had died. The difference of age between Victors parents is striking. Victor was the first born child. His mother gave him every love he ...

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