Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von: Faust - Der Tragödie erster Teil

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Study Guide for Goethe`s Faust These notes refer to the Kaufmann translation of Faust. There is an 1808 translation by George Madison Priest online as one huge text file. The German original is available at http: www.geo.tu-freiberg.de kuehne texte faust . There is also an edition of Christopher Marlowe`s much easier play on the same subject, Doctor Faustus. This work is rich in wonderful contradictions and conflicts. Faust: ATragedy is the title given his masterpiece by Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe. Yet it might almost as easily be described as a musical comedy, inthat it has many comic passages, features many songs, and lacks a tragic ending. Faust himself is not a classic tragic figure either. In fact, hischaracteristic yearning for experience and knowledge created a type for theromantic age still known as the Faustian hero, though he can easily seem moreof a villain than a hero; and the purported villain--Mephistopheles--is one ofthe most likable characters in the play. His yearnings draw him toward theheavens, yet he is also powerfully attracted to the physical world. The bookwas designed to be read rather than performed, yet many scenes are wonderfullydesigned for effective stage presentation. It is useless to try to figure out what the real point of Faust is, or which of the many views of life it presents is thecorrect one. It is par excellence the Romantic masterworkprecisely because it explores a wide variety of polar opposites withoutresolving them. Goethe has ...

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