Sachs, Marylin: The Fat Girl

love, personality, change of personality, family problems, family, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Sachs, Marylin: The Fat Girl
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Bookreport: Marylin Sachs - The Fat Girl The book is written by Marylin Sachs. The centre of attention is a boy named Jeff and Ellen, the fat girl. Jaff is a good looking seventeen-year-old boy. He lives in a house with his mother and his sister. His parents are divorced. His father is married again and has two new sons. Jeff is not very happy with his family circumstances but he always has a girlfriend and when he meets his girlfriend, he is very happy. Ellen is The Fat Girl . She is overweight and shy. The story: One day Jeff meets a girl named Norma. She is a good-looking and slim girl. He goes to the same ceramics class as he goes. He starts talking to her and they fall in love. Jeff is very happy with Norma and they have a lot of fun together. In the ceramics class there is also a ...

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