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History of Viruses The first Virus, it was called Virdem was presented in 1986 at the Chaos Computerclub Conference by Ralf Burger. At that time no one knew which huge effects that invention would have on the Computer HIstorie. The real development of the Viruses began in 1991. Then also the users and the Software Industrie began to realize which dangers Viruses have. So, in 1991 the first Anti-Virus Program called Norton Anti-Virus was born. In 1992 There were already 2.000 Viruses, and the first real famous Virus became known as Michelangelo Since that times the Viruses spread and began to become more and more dangerous. What are Viruses? If we talk about Viruses, we mean Programs with damaging effect. But that can also be Trojans or other Programs. So the correct term for the Programs I talk about right now is: computer virus A computer virus is normally hidden in other data, such as Documents, pictures or in normal programs with no damaging effect. At first Viruses where spread by diskettes but today it is much easier and faster to spread them by the internet. Special types of viruses, they are called worms, can copy itself from one computer to another. On July 19. 2001 the so called Code Red worm replicated itself over 250.000 times in 9 hours. 1.2 How can I be infected? The most Common way to get a virus is with e-mails.- You get an e-mail with an atattchment, an atattchment wich has a virus piggybacked.If . you open the atattchment, the Virus is started and begins to ...

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