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Introduction: I would like to show you my presentation about the west of the US and Alaska. I will try not to stress you and your brain too much with dates, numbers and facts. Geographical facts The west of the USA is from the Pacific Ocean until the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies are very young mountain. On the other side the Appalaches in the centre of the USA are quite old. The highest mountain is the Mount McKinley in Alaska Some rivers are the Colorado, Columbia and Sacramento River. The climate The USA and specially the West have got a lot of different climate zones. I just will show you some zones: The cold climate in the Rocky Mountains, California and the southwest coast with the hot, dry and tropical climate and the arctic climate in Alaska. Flora and fauna The USA had been the first state that has created a national park. These parks are specially in the enormous beautiful west and in Alaska. Some examples are the Yellowstone national park, Grand Canyon NP and the Death Valley NP. In the tremendously big woods in the West and in Alaska are some well-known animals like the elk and bears. The federal states of the west The USA has got 50 federal states this means that they have got 50 district states. Let s begin in the northwest: Washington: Most of the people in Washington live in Seattle and in it s surrounding. There is a beautiful nature, the half of the state is out of wood. Some sights are the NP and the town Seattle. The capital is Olympia. Idaho: Is a state ...

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