Francis, Dick: The Danger

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The Story The Danger , written by Dick Francis, is about a security adviser, Andrew. Andrews job is to bring kidnapping people home, alive. Alessia Cenci is a kidnapped jokey. While the delivery of the ransom money, the present kidnappers shoot the boy who brings the money. Then they escapes and drive to a flat together with their hostage, very quickly. The police surround the house. Andrew stands in front of the flat, together with the police. Andrew sees a man and thinks that the man might be a reporter, but he looks quite strange. Andrew is sure, that there is an other man who is controlling the kidnappers: He calls him His . Then Andrew drives to Allisias father Poalo Cenci. At this time Paolo gets a phone call from Recardo Triventi. The Triventis family are friends of the Cencis.The remaining kidnappers, who keeps Alessia, know that the police observe the phone of the Cencis. Therefore they talk to Recardo, first, and ask him to cantact Paolo. That Kidnappers call for another ransom money, again .They demand 1000 Million Lire and no police Andrew takes Paolo to a restaurant by car, where Paolo has to wait for a call of the kidnappers who keeps Allisia . As they arrive he see the supposed Reporter in front of the restaurant. Now he recognises, that this man isnt a reporter but he related to the criminal. After Paolo comes back he tells Andrew, that they have to put the Money down behind a church, and they go to do it. One day later, there is another phone call of the ...

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