Rhue, Morton: The Wave

racism, group pressure, nazi, community, experiment, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Rhue, Morton: The Wave
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Chapter 11 - THE WAVE In chapter 11 of the book The Wave the following happens: After Mr. Ross went to Principal Owens, Laurie enters the Grapevine´s office. She finds an envelope of a Gordon High´s junior. In it there is a letter with a critical report about the Wave. The anonymous writer talks about his negative attitude against the history project. He discribes his fear of loosing his friends, because he doesn´t want to join the Wave. As Mr. Ross left the office he realizes some students putting up promotion posters and banners on the wall. Every member of the Wave has got an exercise, to recruit new members by spreading information or putting publication on the walls. Later Mr. Ross recognizes Robert follows him. The student suggests to be Mr. Ross´s bodyguard, to protect him against the Wave´s enemies. Besides he wants to thank him, because Mr. Ross helped him to join the group. Mr. Ross agrees, not recognizing that he has lost the control of his experiment and becomes a part of it himself. Gesa & Sara ...

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