Why are education and learning important?

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Why are education and learning important? Sometimes you ask yourself why you are being at school. Lesson is boring and time doesn t go by. But obviously there is something like a sense and a reason why you have to go to school. Now I will try to explain some reasons why school and education in general are very important for us. The elementary school did a big part for our education: we learned how to speak things in a right way, reading, computation and writing. Without these skills we couldn t get any higher education. Further more it begins with the knowledge which you get when you see new things. You are curious about different things, e.g. nature, physics, chemistry. That is natural. Everybody has curiosity, because of the world surrounding us. If we watch something in TV and it is new we want to know more about these things. But not only TV has an educating effect, even magazines or newspapers are a part of our daily spiritual development. You can get general knowledge if you read the latest news and inform yourself. Than sometimes a good general knowledge is better than any specific attainments. When we go to school our knowledge will be provided by teachers and other persons having an effect on us, maybe at home our parents or relatives. This knowledge helps us to become more confident. You grow up spiritual as well as physical. Further more you can develop your character and personality. For us it is important having a distinctive personality, because in the world ...

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