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Table of Contents Introduction Page 2 Basics about AIDS What is AIDS and HIV? Page 2 How to get AIDS? Page 3 How to protect oneself? Page 3 How to test AIDS? Page 4 Focus on Jonathan Demme s Philadelphia The main plot Page 5 Interpretation Page 7 The worldwide spreading of AIDS, especially Africa 4.1. The history of AIDS Page 7 4.2. International figures Page 12 Conclusion Page 16 Bibliography Page 18 1. Introduction AIDS is a topic which concerns everyone. It is an epidemic that is wide spread all over the world and although people know this disease, not everyone is familiar with the protection and the transmission. In order to protect oneself, one has to know more about AIDS. There are some medical treatments that improve the situation of people suffering from AIDS but there is still no medicine against it. Therefore, people fear this disease. One reason why I choose this topic is to give people a deeper insight. Secondly, I took it because I find it very interesting. 2. Basics about AIDS 2.1. What is AIDS and HIV? AIDS is the short form for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and HIV is the short form for Human Immunodeficieny Virus. It is difficult to give people clear facts about this disease because scientists are still working on this field. Basically, HIV is the virus which can cause AIDS. This virus infects the human s white blood cells which are important for our immune system. More new viruses leave this cell to damage other blood cells. If this happens, one ...

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