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Watch your waste The problem of waste in Germany - some numbers and facts In 1990, every German citizen produced ca. 333 kilogram waste. Added up, this are 571 million tons in the whole federal republic. From 1950 till 1990 the number of tons of waste which were produced doubled. The volume was even multiplied by five. The bad result: incineration plants and dumps were overloaded. In 1991 there was a packaging order. But the waste of the households was still growing up. Only in the industries it was going down a little bit. The 347 million tons of waste which were produced in 1993 in Germany would give a mountain with a diameter of 1, 5 kilometres and a height of 393 meters. Or one millimetre waste on the whole area of Germany. And every year there is one more mountain ... But what can I (normally) do? Avoid products whose labels contain words like: danger, warning, flammable, poison, hazardous... Use products up and avoid disposal problems entirely Store hazardous products in their original containers Buy only what you need Avoid aerosols Don t throw liquids into the trash Be careful with the following ways of handling with waste: Trashing it : For example batteries haven t to be trashed in your normal waste. Dumping it on the ground -: For example oil seeps into the groundwater and makes it toxic. Throwing it in the storm sewer or flushing it Contaminants wash directly into lakes and rivers without treatment. Can I use alternative products to chemicals? Yes, you can Some ...

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