South Africa

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Text about South Africa: South Africa is called Rainbow Nation ,because Nelson Mandela promised in his speech in 1994 that he will build a society with black and white peoples who can life together without any fear in their hearts. Today in South Africa all different people live in one country, like the Sans; who was the originally population and there white peoples. Today the rainbow nation includes five million whites, 3.5 million people of mixed race, 1.5 million of Asian origin and 38 million black South Africans. In 1652 a person was sent by the Dutch East India Company to start a settlement. This settlement is today Cape town and the founder was Jan van Riebeek. Soon this step followed some Dutch settlers and Boers, Boers are farmers. The Boers wanted their independence, but in two wars they were defeated by the British empire. In 1948 the new Prime Minister D.F. Malan was elected, he began to impose the policy of apartheid. The apartheid was racism forced by law. It separated the black from the white people. The black people didn t get any rights. In 1912 the first peaceful movement began to oppose against the apartheid, the ANC, the African National Congress. But on march 26th 1960 the police opened fire against some demonstrators in Sharpeville. Sixty-nine people were killed. The massacre shocked the whole world. After this the opponents began to use terrorist tactics. Many leaders were jailed but that didn t stop the movement. The man who changed everything ...

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