Economy in the USA

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Economy in the USA - the United States is often described as a capitalist economy - but the better description is a mixed economy because the government is playing an important role along with private enterprise. - the mixed economy has been remarkably successful - but also the consumers role is so great that the nation is sometimes characterized as having a consumer economy - Americans think that a socialist economy is less efficient because government is not so able to heed price signals for example. - one shifted dramatically away from farms to cities, form fields to factories and above all to service industries and there is a sharp trend away from self-employment toward working for others The roles of the government are: - stabilization and growth (high levels of employment and price stability) - regulation and control (to prevent monopolies) - direct services (construction of highways, operating public schools, police and fire protection) - direct assistance (technical assistance to small businesses, help students attend college) Some numbers: all sectors of the American economy produce almost 4.527 thousand million a year. 20,7 percent of all American families make more than 50.000 a year, but also 4.7 percent of all American families have incomes less than 5.000 the median annual income for all families is about 30.853 71 percent live in houses with a median cost of 104.500 , 3.6 percent live in public housing. America s 50 states have been most active in the field ...

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