The advantages and disadvantages of working abroad

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The advantages and disadvantages of working abroad Nowadays we are driving cars from South Korea, we are wearing clothing designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Taiwan. Much more examples could bemade in regard to the subject und discussion. The reason for this is the growing globalisation. Regarding this trend we are just at the beginning, not only through the products we use, which are produced all over the world, as well as the internet. Today firms have not all their facilities - research & development, production, distribution, ... - in one country. For example Daimler Chrysler, the design of the M-class was developed in Florida U.S., the technical part (body, electronic, etc. ) was developed in Germany and the engines were produced in South Africa. Consequently employees have to be mobile. Big firms - so called global players - want their employees to work abroad. We must consider the advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are for example that you get no sick pay like in Germany, when working for a firm in a different country. A well as the holidays in Germany, which are very high with 25 days p.a. in comparison to 5 days in the U.S. There are also countries where you are not allowed to drink alcohol (or you need a special permission purchasing license), to walk hand-in-hand with your wife or girlfriend or even to eat meat from a porc or a cow. Another disadvantage is the clothing, in most islamic countries countries everybody has to cover legs and arms, so ...

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