Blacks in America

First worldwar, Garvey, self-confidence, burning, UNIA, Ku Klux Klan, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Blacks in America
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in America 1) black movement in general in first worldwar: 400.000 black soldiers gave their lives for US- war after war, same rank in society even more difficult because of economic crises and unemployment Cu- Clux Clan (terrororganisation of white racists) founded in years after the abolishion of racial segregation members tried to take away self- confidence (Selbstbewußtsein) of the black people, which they got in the years of the war measures (Maßnahmen): burning down houses of the blacks (first year after war 11 people were burned down alive), they strangled (erdrosseln) a lot of people (example: first year after war more than 70 black people were strangled by them) in this climate the Universal Negro Improvement Association UNIA was founded it was founded by Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) propaganded: enormous (massenhaft) emigration to Africa (but Africa was under the control of the colonialists) his popularity wasn´t result of utopic Back to Africa movement instead result of his radical condemnation (Verurteilung) of the white racism civil- rights-movement unlike first worldwar it took a few years after second worldwar to build up a big movement of blacks to this point there were a few old, conservative, liberal, white- controlled blacks on court, who tried to make something better for the black people 1954 apparent (scheinbar) sucess: highest court abolished racial segregation said: That must be stopped in a suitable (angemessen) speed example of suitable speed : ...

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