Hornby, Nick: About a boy

Will, Marcus, Day of the dead duck, Fiona, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hornby, Nick: About a boy
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Review: About a boy Characters: Marcus is twelve years old. He doesn´t like going to school because he has no friends there. Marcus parents split up and so he left cambridge where they had all been living and moved to london with his mother. marcus mother fiona it has to be said has raised him a little strangely. she is not at all concerned with fashion and having the right things and so he grew up listening to music like Joni Mitchell and Mozart and he always had uncool clothing, he never even had a pair of trainers yet alone the cool ones Through the situation with his parents Marcus has had to face reality a lot sooner than most and so he has grown up very fast. Marcus has a vulnerability about him that makes him attractive, the whole boy lost thing is quite sad and through his home ...

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