Western Riding

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History: 16. Century: In the 16. Century the Spanish People came to Amerika. The reason was gold and silver. They bring along horses, because if they must walk, they would need to much time. The Spanish People invent the western riding. Later the horse gets the partner of the cowboys. It helps them at their work with cows. There are two kinds of western riding: The California- and the Texas-Style. The California-Style is the classical riding style and the Texas-Style is the riding style from the cowboys. Nowadays: Today western riding is world-wide known. Leisure rider prefers the western-riding style, because it s comfortable and the horse and rider are a unit. Today the cowboys don t need horses for the work with cows, but you can see typical parts of the cattle work at the western tournaments. Typical Breeds: The well-known western horses are Mustangs, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses and Paint Horses. They are suitable for western riding because they are small and agile. But you can use all breeds for western riding, but they shouldn t be too large and lazy. Equipment: Saddle: A normal western saddle weights between 10 and 15 kilos. They are made of leather and wood. The Horn was made for the lasso, but nowadays it s for holding. The Seat is very comfortable. It s good if you want to ride a long time. It was important for the cowboys, because they have to ride the whole day. The Fender protects the rider s legs against dirt. The Stirrup is very broad, because the boots from ...

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