The Contradictory Actions of the Popes in the Third Reich

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The Contradictory Actions of the Popes in the Third Reich The Catholic Church, in the beginnings of the Third Reich, suffered a lot of damage. In a desperate attempt to let the Church survive in Germany, a lot of contradiction between the official statements and actual actions of the Catholic Church happened. One major contradiction was that the Church did not want to have anything to do with any actual killings and fascism that was a major principle of the Third Reich, but in order to keep the Church alive in Germany, they also had to give up something precious. Many of the expectations that the Catholic Church had for the new leader of Germany were missed, and the Church started suffering in many different ways. When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, the Catholic Church feared that it was going to lose some of its power. In the beginning of his tyranny, Hitler sympathized with the Protestants, who, for some Catholics, were still just renegades that ought not to be accepted. The one, in Germany, dominant Protestant group -- the Lutherans -- were fond of quoting St. Paul`s admonition: The powers that be are ordained by God (Flaherty 123). This sentiment scared some conservative Catholics who were against the Reich. They were led by pastors who were strongly paternalistic and patriotic and often suspicious of democratic reforms. In the years of the Weimarer Republik, the time between the World Wars, the Lutheran clergy found much to like in Hitler`s doctrine of a new, ...

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