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They were opposed to the English king because of the high taxes.They were surrounded by the French and Spanish territory.The French were in the Mississippi valley and the big lakes area.The French traded with beaver fur.The English were farmers who could open up the country more effectively.These early English people were Puritans. Middle of the 18th century the English settlers drove the French out of Ohio,and away from the big lakes.Today French people can be found along the St.Laurens River.In 1765 the first real problem with England was because of the stamp act .Everything had to be stamped by the king.One year later the act was repealed.The Town shed Act: taxes for tea, paper, lead, paint and glass. The east India Company brought tea to America.In Boston a ship with tea came.But the Americans didn t want to buy this tea. In one night a group of men through the hole tea over board into the water.The English government told their troops to take the weapons of the settlers.That wasn t a big success for the British because the settlers hit the troops.The American hides behind houses and trees and shoot at the graduated English troops.They had not enough gunpowder,so they shot only if they could see the white part of the eye.George Washington was a good commander.He wanted not longer to be a part of Britain.Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence.John Hankog was the first person which signed it.A copy was send to England, but they burned it.1776 4. July is ...

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