Swindells, Robert: Stone Cold

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Swindells, Robert: Stone Cold
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Stone Cold: This book deals with a young guy, who lived with his mother and his sister in Bradford. At first he lived very happy, but then his mother got a new boyfriend, who is called Vincent. The young guy is named Link, but Link isn t his real name, it s only a nickname. Link couldn t get along with his stepfather. He couldn t stuck out the quarrels with him, so he left home. Link s sister Carole has left home too, because Vincent has raped her. She moved with her boyfriend and lived with him in an apartment. Link lived rough like a dosser, but sometimes he ate at his sister s place, but her boyfriend didn t want her brother to come to his apartment, because he didn t want a dozer in his house. Then Link s sister lent him money an he went to London to start a new life. At first he was ...

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