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EUTHANASIA Euthanasia means a good death . The word has come to mean the bringing about of a gentle and easy death. Voluntary Euthanasia (or assisted suicide) The sufferer has made it clear that he or she wishes to die and has requested help to bring this about. Involuntary Euthanasia If the sufferer doesn t want to die but a doctor kills him against the sufferer s will. Active Euthanasia An active intervention by a doctor to end life. Passive Euthanasia Witholding or withdrawing medical treatment which would help patient to live longer, with the intention of ending life. The Problem Arguments about euthanasia hinge on the right to life and the right to die . Right to life is a basic human right and moral value but what should we do if sufferers don t want do live longer? Sufferers wish to commit suicide but they don t have the physical strength or the means to do it painlessly. So they need the help of a doctor but the doctors are confronted with medical ethics, which means that they aren t allowed to kill patients. On the contrary, modern medicine has made great progress and doctors can prolong the lives of patients indefinitely. Humanist View Humanists are of the opinion that every person has the right to choose if she or he wants to die or not. Humanists think that people should have the possibility of having a painless end, because extreme pain and suffering doesn t serve any prupose. Individuals should be allowed to decide on such personal matters for themselves. Pro ...

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