McCourt, Frank: Angela s Ashes

New York, Malachy, America, poverty, wages, childhood, Referat, Hausaufgabe, McCourt, Frank: Angela s Ashes
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Frank McCourt Angelas Ashes It is about Frank McCourt s childhood. How his mother had no money to feed him since her husband rarely worked, and when he did, he drank his wages. The persons: Angela McCourt: mother; came to New York because her mother said to her, that all the useless people go to Amerika. Malachy McCourt: father; boozer, who left his wife and children when Frank was ten years old. Frank McCourt: the oldest son of the family Malachy McCourt: second child Oliver McCourt: died when he was a small child in Limerick. Eugene McCourt: died after his twin brother, because of Pneumonia. Margret McCourt: died three month after her birth in America. Michael McCourt: sixth child Alphie McCourt: the youngest son of the family. His real name is Alphonsus. Frank Mc Court was born in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were two Irish immigrants. Malachy was an alcoholic and could not keep a job. After Margret s death the grandmother send them money to come back to Ireland. But in Irland it was even worse. It was cold in Limerick, it rained a lot and there weren t enough Jobs. Well, Malachy always lost his jobs because he drank a lot. He tried to get money from the IRA, which he was fighting with in the north of Ireland. But they didn t gave him money and he was too proud to be a beggar. Malachy is from the north and so it wasn t easy for him to get a job. From the money, which the family got from the unemployment pay, wasn t enough to survive. So Angela went to the ...

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