Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849)

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849)
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The biography of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar`s childhood John Allan, originally from Scotland, started a business in Richmond, Virginia, together with his partner Charles Ellis, they called it; The House of Ellis and Allan. They traded with tobacco and other goods and made a great deal of money. John Allan and his wife Frances also known as Fanny were frequent theater goers, and Frances joined the charitable women of Richmond who helped Eliza Poe`s sickroom. Eliza`s daughter Rosalie was taken in by a Richmond family called MacKenzie. Fanny was interested in the middle son, Edgar. John opposed her, but after he had sent a letter to David Poe Jr`s relatives who had taken the oldest son William Henry Leonard and couldn`t afford another one, he gave in to Fanny`s wishes. They did not formally adopt him though. The Allans lived quite close to the MacKenzies and Edgar probably had the opportunity to meet her once in a while in his early years. Edgar came from living more or less in a suitcase in poverty into this new family that materially provided very well. John Allan promised David Poe Jr`s relatives that he would give Edgar a good education, an education he himself had not had the opportunity to receive. He valued arithmetics, writing and reading highly since it was a must for success in business. Fanny had herself been orphaned at the age of ten which probably was one of the reasons for taking Edgar to their home, and she was only 26, slightly older than Eliza. She was a good ...

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