Morton Rhue, The Wave

Ben Ross, Laurie Saunders, Wave, Hitler, Nationalism, leader, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Morton Rhue, The Wave
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TITLE: The Wave AUTHOR: Morton Rhue GENRE: Novel TIME: 20th century PLACE: Gordon High School in the USA CHARACTERS: Ben Ross, he is a young history teacher at Gordon High School, married Laurie Saunders, a pupil in the history class of Mr Ross, she is sceptical about The Wave Amy Smith, best friend of Laurie, also a ... pupil in the history class of Mr Ross Robert, he is in general the outsider of this history class, but The Wave makes him integrated into the class David, the boyfriend of Laurie, he joins The Wave and supports it Christie Ross, wife of Mr Ross, she is also sceptical about her husband s plans PLOT: Ben Ross starts a project in his senior class which he teaches about the Nazis in Germany. When the pupils answer a question of him, they have to stand up quickly, to sit rightly, to hand in their homework punctually and to greet each other in a special way. Ben calls the group The Wave and gives everyone a membership card. They have to support The Wave and the group has to grow. Lots of pupils join The Wave, but Laurie Saunders does not. She talks with her parents about why all her friends believe in The Wave. When the situation begins to escalate Ben has to think about how to make an end. The end is that The Wave is going to meet their big leader and Ben shows the video about Hitler once more. IDEAS THEMES: The background of The Wave is really fascinating, because it bases on a real story. This teacher has a really great idea to show the kids what the ...

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